We are people-driven, working with a strong focus on Leadership, Teams, Change and Innovation.

Our award winning coaching, training, workshops and speakers will inspire, engage and motivate you and your team. We bring 21st century leadership and high performance teams to your organisation, business or school. We ensure you are successfully navigating the future to create the jobs, the teams and the purpose that people love to be part of to learn, grow and succeed.

About Maxine
Who We Are
Professional Leadership Consultancy

We are a professional consultancy with 20+ years leadership experience offering unique, future-focused training and coaching for aspirational leaders and executive leaders.

Global Change Agents

We are passionate, creative and innovative change agents.

Change Catalysts

We are change catalysts supporting organizations, businesses and schools to reinvent themselves and prepare for the future.

What We Do


We work with individuals and organizations to create the leaders of the future.


Managing people can be really challenging. We offer leadership training & coaching on-site and online.


We develop innovative, collaborative strategic plans for organizations, businesses and schools.


We provide inspirational & motivational speakers to meet your conference and training needs.



We believe the future is now

And it’s time to prepare future-focused leaders and their organisations to be creative, productive, happy and results-focused to create a positive future.


We believe in authenticity

Our values are integrity, trust, change and growth. We pride ourselves in developing a whole new generation of authentic and effective leaders who understand the importance of nurturing high performing teams who are happy and productive.


We believe in people

The future is an exciting space that will challenge each one of us to grow and learn. We believe that people have goodness, creativity and a willingness to change and innovate deep inside them. We have the strategies, tools and habits to unlock this amazing potential and bring change to your organisation, business or school.


We believe in our planet

It’s time for us all to take responsibility for our amazing planet and to ensure future generations have access to the amazing resources, flora and fauna that we enjoy today. Sustainability tools and systems thinking strategies are woven into our work to ensure we are making a significant difference to the wellbeing of people and our planet.

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About Maxine
I’m passionate about empowering future focused leaders who can motivate, inspire and empower high performance teams to bring change and innovation to their organisation, business or school.

After 20+ years of successful leadership I wanted to give more. I designed a global enterprise to work with aspirational leaders and executive leaders using 21st century leadership behaviours, systems thinking, drivers of change, future trends and sustainability tools to help take organisations, businesses and schools successfully into the future. Completing a Leadership Fellowship at Columbia University, New York, USA and a Masters of Education at Deakin University, Geelong, Australia I am both qualified and passionate to inspire a new generation of 21st century leaders.

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What People are saying

Maxine has been a consultant at Wallington’s WRG and we have worked on many things together including; running an employee engagement night which Maxine hosted, including Maxine in our recruitment process to include profiling and ensuring we get the right person in the right role, conducting coaching sessions with the leadership team to work on creating an identifiable Wallington’s WRG culture, creating a mission, vision, and values statement, and offering professional leadership coaching to our aspiring managers.

Maxine’s insights to modern leadership have been a tremendous asset to our organisation.

Rory Campbell, Operations ManagerWallington's WRG

I was fortunate to meet Maxine Driscoll about fiveyears ago. She is an outstanding international educator. I know because I have seen her in action as the head of an International Baccalaureate School in Asia. Her leadership style is authentic and future focused. If you are ready to take on a leadership position, Maxine will certainly provide you with inspiration for your leadership journey as well as practical tools and strategies to ensure your success

Marie AlcockPhD - Author of Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments ASCD

I have known Maxine Driscoll as an inspiring leader for eight years . I attended Maxine's workshops on 21st century leadership. Her energy, knowledge, and leadership experience will motivate, challenge, and empower you to become a leader in the 21st century. We invited her to offer some on-site training to our middle leaders. The positive change she has made to our team was amazing.

Callum StuartVice Principal

Maxine Driscoll, a mentor to so many of us worldwide, shares her leadership tips and strategies, as well as her support and insight, and leaves us better able to take the mantle and manage the leadership shifts coming our way. Driscoll is beyond enthusiastic about the work of leaders and her energy and support of those taking the lead is outstanding.

Jennifer AbramsCommunications Consultant and Author of Having Hard Conversations and The Multigenerational Workplace: Communicate, Collaborate and Create Community

Maxine designed and lead on-site training for my team. She was amazing and brought about much-needed change to my business.

Darren GraysonDesign Entrepreneur

Maxine was an inspiration to us all. She shared her wisdom with our leadership team and gave us the strategies to embrace change.

IvyStreet Advertising
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To help you focus on growing your leadership skills I’ve created interactive workshops and leadership coaching packages to take you and your team to a whole new level. Contact me if you would like to learn more.