Leadership and Millennials

There is a very high possibility that you are working with Millennials, or working for Millennials or that you are actually a Millennial yourself! I’m a huge fan of Millennials, especially in leadership roles, but I can’t believe how many people say a lot of negative things about Millennials.

Millennials are the largest demographic in today’s workforce

The thing is that not so long ago Baby Boomers were the largest demographic in the working world. In many of todays’ businesses, organisations and schools you’ll see that the largest group of people is now Millennials.

Millennials, also known as Gen Y, were born around 1980 to 1996 and are considered a tech-savvy generation, living through the birth of the internet and mobile phones and having digital information at their fingertips, although Gen Z and Gen Alpha will eclipse their knowledge and digital expertise in a few more years.

Millennials grew up with 1000s of TV Channels, personal computers and instant networking with peers. They entered the workforce from around 2000 onwards.

Millennials are empowered, pragmatic, confident, collaborative, versatile, and very busy.

Millennials are highly educated, socially conscious, optimistic and adaptable, having grown up with constant change and diversity. As teenagers they witnessed the Columbine shootings, 9/11 and the blended family. They seek fast rewards, instant feedback, and a sense of safety.

Many Millennials feel frustrated that they are not listened to, valued or trusted. Most Millennials are confident about taking on leadership positions after a few years in the job, or taking an entrepreneurial path and creating their own jobs, though sadly many Baby Boomers and Gen X’s only look to criticise and control them …. A tragedy!

Millennials as leaders

I’ve worked with many Millennials, employed them and been employed to a C-suite position by a Millennial. I love working, collaborating and creating with Millennials.

I’ve learnt a lot about Millennials and can see their massive potential. They are confident, collaborative and focused on the greater good. In fact, Millennials are highly proficient in 21st century skills and use creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication very successfully. They are not daunted by the growth of technology or AI in today’s working world because they are also fabulous problem solvers.

Millennial leaders feel strongly about diversity and inclusion and will prioritise values, ethics, flexibility, and feedback. They will very capably Prepare Gen Z who have recently entered the workforce.

So what do Millennial Leaders Need?

Millennials need to be valued, supported and praised. They need to be encouraged to step into leadership roles and to be supported once in those leadership roles.

Millennials need ongoing professional development, mentoring and coaching to help them grow as leaders and to constantly be reminded to see the learning opportunities in their roles as leaders.

If you are a Millennial, or someone who employs Millennials, and would like to know more please contact me. I tailor training and coaching to meet the needs of businesses, corporations and schools and have received very positive reviews. I would love to hear from you and support you in your leadership role.


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